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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
Doing what is right in your own eyes Judges 17-21 Michael Dodd 2016-09-18
Samson: The Reluctant Judge Judges 13-16 Michael Dodd 2016-09-11
Jephthah. Impressing God Judges 11 Michael Dodd 2016-09-04
Bad Leadership Judges 9 James Warren 2016-08-28
Gideon Judges Scott Williams 2016-08-21
2016-08-14-nc6 Judges Mike Leite 2016-08-14
The One Enthroned in Heaven Judges Michael Dodd 2016-08-07
2016-07-31-nc6 Judges Michael Dodd 2016-07-31
A Faithless People and a Faithful God Judges 1:1-2:5 Mike Leite 2016-07-24