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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
How do you get into the Kingdom of God? Mark 12:18-44 Dan Bishop 2020-03-15 night-church-slides-15-march.pdf
Which Authority Are we Under Mark 12:1-17
Isaiah 5:1-7
Ian Morrison 2020-03-08
Real Authority Mark 11:1-33 Angus Martin 2020-03-01 6pm-slides-1-march.pdf
Nothing In My Hand I Bring Mark 10:13-52 Michael Dodd 2020-02-23 night-church-mark-10-13-52.pdf
Jesus' Upside Down Kingdom- Divorce Mark 10:1-12 Michael Dodd 2020-02-16
Jesus' Upside Down Kingdom Mark 9:14-50 Michael Dodd 2020-02-09
Listening to Jesus Mark 9:2-13 Michael Dodd 2019-08-25 mark-9-2-13-sermon-slides-nc6.pdf
Just Who is Jesus? Mark 8:22-9:1 Ian Morrison 2019-08-18 mark-8-sermon-slide-images-nc6.pdf
A World Changing Message Mark 8:1-21 Angus Martin 2019-08-11 mark8-1-21-nc6.pdf
You Are What You Love Mark 7 Michael Dodd 2019-08-04 mark-7-sermon-slide-nc6.pdf