Night Church

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Additional file
Cross-Shaped Freedom 1 Corinthians 8:1-11:1 Michael Dodd 2018-10-21 Cross Shaped Church 1-cor-8-1-11-1-nc6.pdf
Confidence in Christ 1 John 5:13-21 Scott Williams 2018-10-14 Walking in the Light scott-w-sermon-slides-1-john-5-nc6.pdf
The Victorious Life / Confidence in the Testimony of God 1 John 5:1-12 Ian Morrison 2018-10-07 Walking in the Light 1-john-5-1-12-nc6-ian.pdf
Authentic Christianity 1 John 4 Ian Morrison 2018-09-30 Walking in the Light 1-john-4-sermon-ian-nc6.pdf
The Conclusion of the search for meaning under the sun Ecclesiastes 11-12 Michael Dodd 2018-09-23 Life Under the Sun ecclesiastes-11-7-12-14-nc6-sermon-slides.pdf
Wisdom is a good thing Ecclesiastes 7-10 Michael Dodd 2018-09-16 Life Under the Sun ecc-7-md-nc6-slides-wisdom-is-a-good-thing.pdf
Religion and wealth are meaningless Ecclesiastes 5-6 Mike Leite 2018-09-09 Life Under the Sun ecclesiastes-5-and-6-mike-nc6-ppp.pdf
Eternity on the Heart Ecclesiastes 3 Michael Dodd 2018-09-02 Life Under the Sun ecclesiastes-3-nc6-sermon-slide.pdf
Ecclesiastes 1-2 Ecclesiastes 1-2 Steve Spratt 2018-08-26 Life Under the Sun ecc-1-2-steve-spratt-nc6.pdf
Trusting God in the Storm Job 3-42 James Warren 2018-08-19 Life Under the Sun job-3-42-slides-nc6-jw.pdf